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Established in 1968 as a general contracting machine shop, Universal, then called Park Products, designed and built its first labeling machine in 1972. After building labeling machines under the name of another manufacturer, the Universal line came into its own in 1984.

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Semi Auto Rounds
Semi Auto Rounds Front & Back
Semi Auto Flats/Ovals
Auto Rounds
Auto Flats/Ovals/Rounds
Auto Small Diameter Rounds
Print and Apply UPA II
Print and Apply UPA II
Print and Apply UPA II
Print and Apply UPA II
Print and Apply UPA II
Print and Apply UPA II


Interested in becoming an Universal Labeling Authorized Distributor? Learn how your can provide companies with industrial labeling equipment by filling out contact form, or calling one of our Universal Labeling Systems consultants today.

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Custom Labeling Systems

We manufacture and deliver a wide variety of product handling and labeling equipment. We are the top labeling company in the US, providing our customers with quality labeling services, and reliability at unbeatable prices everytime.

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You Need it, We Have it!


Based on your product and the labeling method you choose, we have a labeling machine designed for you. Now offering over 20 different types of labelers, no job is too big or too small for Universal. View our gallery to see how we can help you.

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